Foot Of The Mountain

i know i know i was a bit lazy the last 2 days sowwwyyyyyyy but i will spam you tonight 😛 i really love this pants from Xplosion there are just :Q__ make me jizz my panties nahm nahm nahm 🙂 Great work from Kaliha From Xplosions <333 i hope you enjoy my LOTD while i enjoy my Pants 😛 <33 Jade

Skin : Lara Hurley-Katya smokey eyes/Pale

Hair : [e] Lasting 2 – Blonde 02

Jacket : TonkTastic – Connor’s Jacket (Sarah) (Cotton Charcoal)

Boots : :VC Designs: C-003 BOOTS

Hat : TonkTastic – Ushanka

Pants : *X*plosion ColourCrazy Pants (black)

Your taxi to *X*plosion


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