Aaaaaa Lucia!

Waaaa! I can’t get this song out of my head D: If you want to know which one just scroll down *facepalms*

Might just blame the cute new TRUTH hair “Lucia” which gave me the idea to look for the song xD It’s all cute and I mean it has to be as Lucia is my RL middle name so it can’t be anything else but shooo sho cute =P

Sheesh that sounded so arrogant again, it’s amazing D:

Talking about amazing – Watch ma new tattoo! It’s also new from SOURIRES and it’s called “Serenity” which is also a pretty name!

And btw just to mention it, these boots = ❤ !  They’re my new love and I want to have babies with them ! Nuff said!

ies Shel

Skin: Grixdale – Teagan

Hair: TRUTH – Lucia        [NEW]

Tongue: Cobrahive – Tongue – TYPE 02

Bikini Top: FuK’N’HawT – Bikini Parental Advisory

Shorts: *League* – Sunday Sweatshorts

Boots: X-Dream – Dsg Sporty Boots

Collar: ~Pepper~ – Choker – Signs M/F

Tattoo: SOURIRES – Serenity Tattoo       [NEW]




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