ναмριяє яσмαη¢є ραят ιι

Well a 2. version of my vampire look. A little more sexy and shorter than the other one, for vamps that want to show more skin o.O

‘s Shel


Skin: DeeTaleZ – Abby

Hair: .+*HS*+. – Miyu

Dress: *Linc* – Sweaterdress

Top: [JEM] – W.T.F top

Tights: *Sheer* – Torn Shiny Black

Heels: [PM] – Baby T’s

Necklace: :sey – True love


1. Part of the song 😀

ησω уσυ’яє gσηє

Nothing special, just my good morning wake up look 😀
So short and sweet…

… here’s the list with from Shelz


Skin: [Al Vulo!]

Hair: TRUTH – Odette

Pullover: [Cynful] – Sky’s Hoodie

Pants: *League* – Sunday Sweatpants

Socks: JANE – lil piggies

Shoes: UBU – PornStar Lo-Tops

Nails: MONS – Sugar cat nails (Group Gift)

Ear Plugs: stupid things – plug ears kitty

In Ma Mouth 😀 : Somethin’ In Your Mouth – guitar pick kitty


Great song to wake up 😀

Can´t Wait Until Tonight


so we was making a make over for sonny freind of mom and me and we went to sinistyle ad i fell in love , yea i know i always do that but this Cap is awesome :Q___ so i bought it and fit my dress to it and i lurvveeeeeeeeee it hope you enjoy <33 Jade

and agian i dont change my skin :Q____ Grixdale <33333333333

Cap : Sinistyle Officer Cap
Shirt : Coco Broadclothesshirt
Pants : Highwast Hotpants
Boots : BAX Prestige Boots
Tights : Blowpop Seamed Fishnet Tights
Hair Lamb! Lover
Nail : MYstyle Perfect hand Longest
Collar : Sinistyle Posture Collar
Police baton : Tonktastic ( which i only found in Market place )

Don’t wanna talk about the way I am
I only try to make you understand
That my affection is so really true
And my heart has started thumpin
Since I met you

Just can’t wait until tonight, baby
Til I have you by my side, baby
Just can’t wait until tonight, baby

¢σммє αναηт…

Just a huuuuge mix of some of my favorite pieces combined with a song I love so much <34567
Isn’t French a great language? Not just French kisses are great =p /me sighs

Bisous Shelz ♥


Skin: .ILLUSORY. (Group Gift)

Hair: .+*HS*+. Hair – RIRI

Makeup: – V – – Colors of War / Surrender

Shirt: Ha! – Long Sleeve Top

Dress: *Linc* – Sweaterdress

Tongue & Piercing: [ni.Ju] – Spiked Tongue

Headband: (Elate!) – Silk Bow Headband (Old Group Gift)

Collar: Ha! – Dark Studded

Necklaces: *LC* – Piper Necklace //
*UB* – You Broke Me!

Belt: *Cobrahive* – Waist Belt

Bracelets: Ha! – Spiked Leather Cuff

Nails: Mstyle – Perfect Hand

Ring: *LC* – My Wifey Ring

Hooves & Tail: .ILLUSORY. – Goat_Socks


Mathieu Edward & Sheryfa Luna – Comme Avant


Pardonne moi si je te délaisse
Si je m’éloigne encore
Pardonne moi si mes mots te blesse
Si j’ai souvent eu tort
Mais je ne sais plus comment t’aimer
Je ne sais plus te regarder
Trop de choses ont changé

ιη му νєιηѕ

[05:46] mily (mily.zapatero): i am pretty:DDDD
[05:46] mily (mily.zapatero): in u pics

haha my auntie is funny i made nothing with her picks just cut them yush auntie your pretty thanks for letting me share your picks and pixels ❤ Jade

Stats ala Mily

[05:42] mily (mily.zapatero): hair ufr! jacket tee*fy. jeans moon tissu boots sms
[05:42] mily (mily.zapatero): corest pixel dols
[05:43] mily (mily.zapatero): skin al vulo
[05:43] mily (mily.zapatero): nail page 3
[05:44] mily (mily.zapatero): tatoo aitui
[05:44] mily (mily.zapatero): cinq onze


ρυℓℓ му нαιя


yeah i admit it i love helmets :Q__ protection for the 5 gram brain that left LOL

said allready i dont change this skin i adore GRIXDALE ❤
Hair : Lamb
Dress : *Linc
Undies : *Linc
Cardigan : T.Whore
Shoulder Rig : [T]
Nylons: *Linc
Nails : Mystyle Perfect Hand
Pircing lips and nose : HOD
Pircing eye : Skream
Cuffs : Blitzed
Boots : Kboots
Helmet : Sinistyle Minion [ NEW ]

Getting freaky than a motherfucking sweating
I’m all on you, you all on me

∂σωη ση мє

omfg :Q___ ermmm /me looks at him and goes wet damn he is my bro Subzero Rodas and he is simple sexy RAWRRRRR yeah bro down on me
Thanks Bro for letting me share your sexy ass :Q__

❤ Jade

Sub’s Stats

Hair – [Uw.st-7R-]
Glasses – FNKY
Cigrette- SHEL’TTER
Jaket – *Valiant* (limited edition)
Belt – [Sekuella]
Piercing – Despair -Cobrahive
Schoes – UBU

She want it I can tell she want it
want me to push up on it
fore she know when I’m all on it
we get the party going liquor flowing this is fire


ναмριяє яσмαη¢є

I’m in love, in love, love, love with the new DeeTaleZ skin. “Abby” is the girl’s name and she’s just adorable!!!
As Jaden and I are playing in dark RP/ Combat sims (CCS) and my race is vampire, I thought I’ll do a gothic look and wear my fangs and stuff and it looks oh so sexay \o/

/me licks her fangs seductively… MuahaHahaH

♥ Shel ♥


Skin: DeeTaleZ – Abby [NEW]

Hair: >TRUTH< – Odette   [NEW]

Blindfold: Cobrahive – Eye Wrap

Fangs: – i wanna suck your blood.

Necklace: ~Pepper~ – Book Necklace – R.I.P.

Dress & Hair Pin: *Evie’s Closet* – Melusine



I put my finger on my lips
Close your eyes and feel my lust
There’s a pain inside my kiss
I’m only looking for your blood
I will show you what’s the price
So darling come with me this night
We have to spread our wings and fly
Into the darkness without light



Love The Way You Lie

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that’s alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that’s alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie

❤ Jade

i so not change my skin for the next days haha soo im wearing still Grixdale

Jacket : =Dela*= Leather Jacket *Bebe* BLack
Pants [cynful] orange bottom
Sweater : (Red) MINT ~ Collared Sweater (no.2)
Hair : .+*HS*+. ::RIRI::
Boots : [e] Secret Boots – Black

like a G6

This skin is just amazing :Q____

❤ Jade

Skin : Grixdale -Emery -Sugar – Saccarine :Q___
Hair : !lamb. Lover
Shirt : *Linc* loose tanktop Flavor 1
Sweater : [NV} Sweater Lady Black
Tongue : [JP] :dsg. Tongue Plug set4
pircing : HOD -The crux
Eyes : *Linc* EyeZ Steel Blue
Skirt : Paper.Doll Denim mini camo
Belt : TheAbyss : Nau Combat Belt
Hat : Mechanic Hat Frag
Boots : Mechanic Hat Greaser Boots Black

Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard
Sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6
Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6
Like a G6, Like a G6
Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6