A Little Messed Up o.O

While I was wandering around in the forest….  Uhm, or something like that xD

Where is the wolf when you need him? o.O


Skin:  [PF] – Elly <Chai> – Rockabilly

Shape: .PUTITA. – Fay Shape        [NEW]

Hair: [e] – Garden

Eyes: ! FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes

Lashes:  - DAMNED - – My Perfect Eyelashes

Dress: [ Cynful ] – Jasmin Babydoll Dress

Cape: *Luster – Little Red Riding Hood

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti

Collar: RealRestraint – Vixen Leather

Tattoo: PIDIDDLE – Remember That I Love You

Yeah, I know you’re a little messed up.
They all say you’re damaged goods, baby.
This is what they thought
She can’t stand you,
He can’t stand you,
They can’t stand you,
And I can’t stand being apart.

BUID … More

news from Buid and Filthy , check it out guys im supercute and in love with my new tattoos and my new skin :Q________ <3 Jaden

Skin : Filthy Page        [ NEW ]

Tattoos : BUID            [ NEW ]

Hair : Raw HOuse & Damselfly

Panties : Glue INk & Moloko

Boots : ASI

Googles : Tonktastic

Tapes : Sinistyle

Chocker : Blitzed Legacy

Necklace : Delicious

To Buid

To Filthy

Know y’all bin patiently waiting, I know you need me, I can feel it,
I’m a beast, I’m an animal, I’m that Monster in the mirror,
The headliner, finisher, I’m the closer, winner.
That’s when under pressure with seconds left I show up.
If you really want more, scream it out louder,
if you on the flore, bring out the fire,
And light it up, take it up higher,
Gonna push it to the limit, give it more.

I don’t wanna let go…

I luuuvveeee my pussy :D I mean the one on my arms! -__-  And our new rebuilt parcel inspired me lolz. Jaden and I spent like 5 hours decorating and it just looks amazing!!! I’d say we’re ready for summer \o/

<3 Shelz

Skin: [PF] – Elly <Chai> – Rockabilly       [NEW]

Shape: .PUTITA. – Fay Shape        [NEW]   (should be out in a few :D)


Eyes: ! FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes

Dress: Grixdale – Letters home

Tattoo: :: YaYo :: – Boys Suck Tattoo

FlipFlops: Maitreya Gold – Flip-Flops Spring        [NEW]

Nails: Mstyle – Perfect Hand

Kitty: *M* – HUG redtabby cat

‘Cause I’m for real
Are you for real?
I can’t help myself
It’s the way I feel
When you look me in the eyes like you did last night
I can’t stand to hear you say goodbye
But it feels so right
‘Cause it feels so right just to have you standing by my side
So don’t let me go
Cause you have my soul

just insert your own title here xD

well i dont have much to say , honestly its summer and sl starts to became a bit boring for me i need vacation but till i can go i will share my LOTd with you all i hope you like it, Btw the background is our new home with my mom shelby we just rebuild it again o.O but we are really in love with it now if you want to see you just need to go to Las lomas xD biggy fatty wettty kissy :D


Skin : [PF] Elly – Gunmetal/Meow   [NEW]

Hair : Gritty Kitty

Shirt : Izzy’s

Leggins : -SU

Belt : Merikon

FlipFlops : Maitreya  [NEW]

Necklace and ring : Pepper

Smoothy : ::LEO-NT:: SLUSH SLURPY ~lemon~<3 VIP Gift :Q__ <3333

These Three Words…

\o/   <3 Shel


Skin: Al Vulo!

Eyes: ! FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes

Lashes: - DAMNED - – My Perfect Eyelashes

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ – Leana          [NEW]

Hairflower:  /artilleri/ – Hibi hair flower

Top: ~famless~ – Bad Shirt daddehs lil gurl

Undershirt: *Crazy* – Gham Shirt

Pants: FuK’N’HawT – Dat Ass Pants Camo Black        [NEW]

Boots: [0N] – Wo Boots     (Shop is closed D:)

Collar & Cuffs:  *BLITZED*

Glasses: ::Mr.Poet:: – Half Rim Eyeglasses




I know I’ve been holding it in
The way I feel about you
Something I’ve been dying to say
But I don’t know how you’ll take it
Oh Please don’t go
You should know

These three words
I’ve been holding back
Trying to fight
Imma let em out
These three words
Gotta let you know
Here I go go go

Go screw yourself
I’ve had enough yeah
Now we’re done
Go screw yourself
Not gonna lie yeah
It was fun
But go screw yourself

Love & Magic

*sighs and leans back in her chair to enjoy the sun* Amazing this weather at the moment xD One day it’s raining and you think it’s the end of the world and the next day you feel like a grilled chicken sitting in the sun \o/

Well I prefer the chicken feeling so here’s another summer outfit YAY :D



Skin: Al Vulo!

Shape: .PUTITA. – Romy Shape

Hair: [kik] – Madelyn III

Eyes: ! FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes

Lashes: - DAMNED - – My Perfect Eyelashes

Top: *T.Whore* – Lolita Top

Skirt: *T.Whore* – Burlesque Skirt

Tattoo: {Junebug} – there’s a monster

FlipFlops: Maitreya Gold – Flip-Flops Spring        [NEW]

Bangles & Earrings: [MANDALA]



heyy yeahh ahha
i don’t think your ready
think your ready oh no
but ima ready but ima ready
ima ready for sho
i mean what can i say
i’m cooler them cool not to be cocky
you can learn if you just watch me
Im fresher then fresh
one step ahead of the rest

two steps ahead of whoever you thought was best
so really though oh oh
so many things to me are minor but you make

<3 Jade

Skin : [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ matilde ] Fairy Fatpack Bonus

Hair: Ploom

Shirt : Belote – Shirt – Little Pony [NEW]

Pants : *L.inc* Tyra Lowrise Jeans Skinny Fruit

Necklace : ::LEO-NT:KISS ME<3 Necklace

Rings : ::LEO-NT:KISS ME<3 Rings

Bag: ::LEO-NT:: GRAFFITI BAGS -white- [NEW]

Ears : AITUI – (Type 3) Stretched Ears

Pircing & Gauged : Cobrahive

Tattoo : Glue Ink

Feets : Slink TipToe

Nails : * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Taste the Rainbow Nails